Object Tracking Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions for tracking objects in video tailored specifically to your application ranging from highly accurate 3D solutions, requiring stereo camera hardware, to fast and lightweight 2D solutions which can work with a standard camera.

Traditional Tracking Solutions

Our traditional tracking solutions are quick and easy to setup and can work with any video capturing hardware.

3D Tracking Solutions

Three dimensional video is an exciting new technology which brings 3D information to traditional video. This is obtained using special multi-view cameras, which are now becoming available on smartphones.

Frame Image
Depth Map

The additional depth information, show above, provided by this technology has allowed us to build a robust and accurate tracking system. Objects are still tracked successfully even when they are similar in appearance to their surroundings, a situation in which traditional trackers fail. If the hardware requirements are not an issue and tracking accuracy is of paramount importance we recommend you invest in a 3D tracking solution.